Taking Out The Trash, 02.07.07

  • You think four seasons rule. We think we must be big wusses.

  • An NBC release announces that “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” was “the most-watched network evening newscast, winning the week of January 29 — February 2, 2007, and averaging 9.838 million total viewers.” The program “has now placed first in total viewers for 20 straight weeks (every week this season), and for 131 of the last 135 weeks. In addition, compared to the same week a year ago, the Williams-led program grew its audience, up 2% from 9.643 million in 2006, to last week’s average of 9.838 million.”

  • An ABC release announces that “World News with Charles Gibson” ranked number one among adults 25-54 last week, with an average of 9.63 total viewers, the highest in total viewer delivery in more than 22 months. This also marked the 12th straight week “world News” placed first among women 25-54.

  • ABC also announced today that Charles Gibson will anchor “World News” from Chicago on February 12-13. Gibson is being inducted into the Illinois Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame on Monday, February 12 in Chicago. The show will take viewers behind the scenes of O’Hare Airport.

  • Check out Bill O’Reilly going after William Arkin last night.

  • His Extremeness has what is possibly “the dumbest question ever asked by a member of the White House press corps.” A reporter asks, “Presidents may not be able to predict the weather or change the weather, but is there anything that the President has been either briefed on about the current cold wave across the country, or any federal resources that are being brought to bear?” Yup, that is pretty dumb.

  • A reader notes, “I’m always wary about putting so much stock in Alexa rankings, etc. Using Alexa’s public information is only good when you can cross-reference trends with other traffic stat counters. Alexa only gives a snapshot of a particular trend.”