Taking Out The Trash, 02.06.07

  • Most of you have no interest Sunday talk shows. Too early in the morning?

  • Fox gets the Giuliani love on his big presidential announcement day.

  • B&C reports that MSNBC GM Dan Abrams said, “We want to be ahead of CNN, and I expect that we will be within the year.” (Hat Tip: TVNewser)

  • Fox’s “Red Eye” premieres.

  • An NBC release announces that “Nightly News with Brian Williams” returns to the Gulf Coast region for the 12th time to report on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Brian Williams will anchor live from New Orleans on Tuesday, February 6.

  • A Politico reader asks Shenanigans, “What is [former NYT Executive Editor] Max Frankel doing at the Libby trial? Writing the definitive piece on Scooter? Or closing the book on Judy?”

  • NewsAssignment’s Matt Weir writes that while the Politico may not have been the new online media venture we expected, he expects, “the political news site of the future will be something more personal and citizen driven. Maybe even something like AirCongress.”

  • The National Press Foundation announced, “The 39th annual Worth Bingham Prize will be awarded to Lisa Chedekel and Matthew Kauffman of The Hartford Courant for their series, ‘Mentally Unfit, Forced to Fight,’ which was published on May 14-17, 2006. The award will be presented in Washington, D.C., at the National Press Foundation’s 24th Annual Awards Dinner on February 22, 2007.” Also being recognized are PBS’s Gwen Ifill, the late Art Buchwald, the Wall Street Journal’s Brody Mullins and American Public Media’s Steve Henn & William Kistner.

  • To the reader that asked, “You guys are already getting ready for the hottest media types: that means I have only 6 months to find the blond curly haired tall girl. Did any tipsters write in where she works — nbc or abc?” Answer: ABC. That’s all we’re saying…

  • From DCRTV:

      DCRTV hears that Sharon Percy Rockefeller has stepped down as president and chief executive of WETA television and radio. It’s said to be due to the lingering effects from an automobile accident. “WETA deserves and must have a president who possesses the physical stamina to meet the challenges which lie ahead,” according to her letter of resignation, submitted last week. She is married to Senator John Rockefeller, a Democrat of West Virginia. More soon…..


      DCRTV hears that Channel 4/WRC cameraman and video editor Ron Minor retired today after 37 years on the beat. Minor, just 22 when he started working at DC’s NBC station, says he feels like he’s grown up at WRC. He shot eight Super Bowls, covered the Nixon White House, and worked with David Brinkley, Barbara Walters, Katie Couric, and Henry Kissinger. While he traveled the world from Bosnia to South Africa, Minor says that sitting in the war room on the USS Roosevelt at sea was his most exciting shoot. Look for Minor to continue his video work via Fine Line Productions…..