Taking Out The Friday Trash

Today’s leftovers:

  • In case you’re counting: Judith Miller spends her 74th night in jail tonight.

  • With the release of “Good Night, and Good Luck,” let the conversations about the good ‘ol days of journalism begin.

  • Nina Totenberg thinks that politicians should work around the media’s schedule. Ha! We suppose it’s always worth a shot, Nina.

    “Nearby, Nina Totenberg, the legal reporter for National Public Radio, cornered the chief of staff of Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Penn., who is chairman of the Judiciary Committee; Totenberg was lobbying to schedule the next round of Supreme Court hearings around her vacation plans, which she had scheduled to coincide with her wedding anniversary.”

  • Don’t forget to check out Thomas Friedman, David Brooks, Robert MacNeil, Steven Roberts (job seekers: chat him up)and Andrea Mitchell at the National Book Festival this weekend (DCist looks at her bio photo and says she has a”rather serious plastic surgery problem.” Oh you guys…) or go see partners-in-partisanship David Brooks and E.J. Dionne at Politics and Prose’s 21st anniversary.

  • And over the Rita-induced weekend, ponder and predict the press’ response to Rita. Namely:

    • Will they come out swinging like they did post-Katrina?

    • Or a.) has the public tired of it? b.) will they have little to work with since local, state and federal governments are enormously more prepared for Rita than they were for Katrina (that, and Galveston, TX isn’t below sea level…)?

Have a good weekend!