Taking Issue with Reissues: Just a Phone Call Away?


And another from the lovely Ms. Murg…

Also making an appearance in T’s Fall Design issue is “Triumph of the Will,” in which writer-photographer-documentarian Robert Trachtenberg explores the age-old question: why is so much great stuff (Saul Steinberg wallpaper, Gio Ponti flatware, General Mills’s Ice Cream Cones cereal — OK, we added that last one) discontinued? And can one convince companies to reissue said stuff by calling them incessantly? His irresistible lede: “It all started one afternoon at 13:30:32 P.D.T. — that’s the exact moment I lost the Fornasetti plate on eBay. By 30 cents.” Been there, done that, almost had the winning bid on the (discontinued) Knoll t-shirt!

Stephanie Murg