Taking Exception

A White House reporter, who wishes to remain anonymous, takes exception with Eric Boehlert’s recent piece on Scooter Libby and Patrick Fitzgerald, entitled “Scooter Libby and the media debacle.” The reporter writes in to FishbowlDC:

    Fitzgerald went after senior Bush political adviser Karl Rove and had his eyes on Vice President Dick Cheney — He got a guy named Scooter. Fitzgerald spent $1.4 million on a three-year investigation into which top White House official leaked the name of a covert CIA operative, and then charged a guy named Scooter with perjury (turns out the coverty CIA operative was neither covert nor an operative — discuss). Watching today’s circus inside the courtroom at the D.C. federal courthouse, the case’s sad irrelevence was clear: Hours of back and forth about what an overpaid inside-the-Beltway “journalist” (Tim Russert) says he told Scooter about a woman who wasn’t a CIA operative. Boehlert’s extrapolation that the entire White House press corps failed America is absurd. Fitzgerald beat a dead horse, which is now deader than dead. Libby will walk, and he should — as Gertrude Stein said: “There is no there there.”