Taking a Look at the 50 Most Active Facebook Apps

As we approach the looming Facebook Profile Redesign, Inside Facebook has listed the top 50 Facebook applications by daily active user count, roughly categorizing them by type and, in cases like Bumper Sticker and Owned, listing the parent company.

Some interesting observations:

  • Professional network LinkedIn has the 4th biggest app on Facebook. (I wonder if that affected their recent $1 billion valuation?)
  • 5 of the top 10 and 21 of the top 50 apps are games.
  • Social network MyYearbook has the most popular game on Facebook, Owned. It is a copy cat of Serious Business‘s Friends For Sale, which is only slightly behind at #2.
  • 3 of the 4 apps with over 1 million daily active users are quite similar (FunWall, Super Wall, Bumper Stickers).
  • Playfish is a rising star with 3 out of the top 10 games. Their engagement rate as a company is also at 13%, the highest of any large app developer on Facebook.
  • Zynga has 6 apps on this list, and is the 3rd largest developer overall in terms of DAU, behind Slide and RockYou.
  • Even though SGN has only 1 app in the top 50, it is the 7th largest developer overall in terms of DAU.
  • Even though Watercooler has no apps in the top 50, its network of applications is the 19th largest overall in terms of DAU.

A couple notes:

  • All DAU are not created equal.
  • These numbers were measured on a Sunday, which is generally lower than other days.
  • The “general” category encompasses applications used for both “flirting” and “content-sharing” messaging purposes (or that generally don’t fit one category or the other cleanly)
Title DAU Category Developer
FunWall 1,576,749 General Slide
Super Wall 1,499,571 General RockYou
Top Friends 1,251,213 Flirting Slide
Bumper Sticker 1,130,034 General LinkedIn
Owned 635,883 Games MyYearbook
Friends For Sale 613,831 Games Serious Business
Texas HoldEm Poker 556,338 Games Zynga
Are You Interested? 544,640 Flirting SNAP Interactive
(Lil) Green Patch 480,388 Games Ashish Dixit and David King
Scrabulous 419,929 Games Agarwalla Brothers
Movies 351,411 Content Flixster
Mob Wars 330,034 Games Unknown
Pieces of Flair 305,932 General nliven
Bowling Buddies 294,141 Games Playfish
Who Has the Biggest Brain? 279,763 Games Playfish
Zoosk 260,992 Flirting Zoosk
iLike 246,374 Content iLike
SuperPoke 244,947 General Slide
Word Challenge 244,232 Games Playfish
Sparkey 242,816 Flirting Chainn
Compare People 234,407 Flirting Chainn
Social Me 226,136 Flirting SocialHi
Pokey 216,724 Games Bonehead Labs
Likeness 215,449 Flirting RockYou
Speed Racing 196,323 Games Zynga
Meet New People 179,326 Flirting SNAP interactive
MindJolt Games 169,434 Games MindJolt
Hug Me 158,249 General RockYou
Graffiti 142,463 Content Mark Kantor and Suzman Brothers
Scramble 141,552 Games Zynga
Honesty Box 133,840 Flirting Honesty Box
Flirtable 131,462 Flirting Frengo
Nicknames 129,905 Flirting SGN
Parking Wars 127,863 Games A&E
Stickerz 126,994 General Justin Waldron
Birthday Calendar 125,906 General BigDates Solutions
Bubble Town 124,948 Games I-play
My Sexy Friends 124,824 Flirting Zynga
Growing Gifts 121,245 Flirting 42 Friends
Pet Pupz 111,610 Games Nicola Borchard and Matt Beswick
Compare Hotness 110,097 Flirting SocialHi
Premier Football 109,236 Games PageFad
Word Twist 104,884 Games Zynga
Tower Bloxx 99,194 Games Digital Chocolate
You’re a Hottie 94,203 Flirting Zynga
YoVille 92,046 Games Tim Saberi and Greg Thompson
Birthday Greeting Cards 92,002 General My Birthday Alarm
Knighthood 90,226 Games Hive7
Circle of Friends 87,537 General Bantr

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