Takes Launches 1-Click Video Creation Platform on Mobile

TakesTechnology company Takes has announced the launch of its newly improved, self-titled app on iOS devices. The Takes app offers 1-click video capturing technology, which turns the process of taking still photos into that of creating videos. That is, as users begin to take a static image with the app, Takes instead records a small snippet of video, and splices these “images,” or video clips, together into an overall stream of the user’s content.

Takes is most easily comparable to Vine, as both focus on sharing small portions of content with friends or the world at large. However, unlike Vine, which allows users to share six full seconds of video without transitions (if one chooses), Takes video streams are comprised of multiple segments, spliced together into the final product.

In Takes, videos can be created using up-to 12 images, or snippets of video, at a single time (the app calls them “Takes”). Each time users go to capture a Take, the app is continuously recording video as well. By analyzing the camera’s motion through space, and the timing of each “shot,” the app determines which footage is of high enough quality to keep, and which should be discarded. The result is a full quality video, comprised of many short segments of moving pictures. For instance, think of taking a portrait where the model is still, but their hair is moving in the breeze, or of a picture of a boat on the water, where the movement of the waves is retained in the shot.

It should be noted that since the app focuses on the camera’s or subject’s movement in the real world, many Takes end up lasting two or three seconds each.

These Takes videos can be enhanced with a few filters, or given a caption and hashtags, before being shared to the user’s in-app profile. Each time a user shares a Take or a set of Takes, they’re added to one continuous stream, meaning someone could navigate to a user’s profile and watch all of their Takes without stopping or manually switching between them. Users can tap on the stream to stop the flow of content, which gives them a longer view of a particular clip. These individual Takes can also be “liked” via a press of the heart on each image.

Furthermore, if users add hashtags to their content, these Takes are also added to continuous hashtag streams. Instead of manually browsing through these tagged images, users can start at the beginning, and the app will stream every tagged Take automatically, from every user across the platform.

For additional social functionality, users can follow others and will see a stream of new content from these users on their home feed when they login to the app. Users can also login to Facebook to find their friends on the app, or share their recorded Takes out to Facebook, Twitter or their device’s camera roll.

To promote the launch of its newly redesigned app, Takes is collaborating with 12 “influential social media personalities” to create a documentary that will examine the way citizens have begun “Living Online.” More information on the documentary is available on Takes’ website.

Takes is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.