Take Your Kindle Swimming with M-Edge

Bet you didn’t know you could safely throw your eReader into the ocean, or lend it to a fish. According to this clever ad from eReader case maker M-Edge, you can. The ad comes from the current issue of Wired Magazine. It’s funny. Though the fish doesn’t look to interested in the eReader.

If you take New York’s subways (or presumably other cities’ public transportation or partake of other things where companies run ads), you’re likely to have seen some of these M-Edge ads. The company is aggressively marketing a large line of eReader accessories for various devices, including Nook, Kindle, and, soon, iPad.

In fact, the company is already trying to build secret buzz for its iPad cases, of which it already seems to have a full line, so perhaps you won’t have to buy what Jobs, in his iPad keynote, kept called “a very nice case, a very nice case.”