Take This Ad Job And Shove It

This email is probably fake, but we kind of love it anyway.
Blogger Leo says he got this from a friend who works at an ad agency in Chicago. Supposedly the friend received this farewell e-mail:

“I’ll spare everyone the cliche farewell and share my real thought[sic] instead.”

The top ten list includes “I’ve put on a solid 15lbs since I took this job. Nobody commented on my weight gain but you said it with your eyes.” and “I’ve gotten 3 job title promotions since I’ve been here but no raise. I’ll bet if I asked to be promoted to Senior Media Planner Ninja-Czar, I’d get it with a pay freeze until 2010.”

It’s not all that funny, really, but only because it’s true.

P.S., the poster of the e-mail blacked out the company name but did so uncompletely. Does this look like the beginning of a Chicago agency to y’all?