Take the Black Eye Out of Black Friday — Avoid the Chaos

Unlike the primitive nature associated with Black Friday– stampedes, trampling, and general chaos– modern technological advances such as QR codes, apps, and tablets have given retailers the opportunity to accommodate shoppers from multiple mediums to leave Black Friday without a black eye. A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation revealed that social media and modern technology will play an especially significant role in holiday shopping this year, which gives shoppers the upper hand in finding the best deal available while also avoiding as much of the chaos as possible.

Half of smartphone owners surveyed reported intentions to use their devices for upcoming holiday purchases, whether in the form of accessing the Internet through the device or utilizing newly released apps to shop around for the best deal and navigate the store with interactive maps. Aside from making purchases directly from the mobile device, shoppers will be able to shop in a more effective manner by knowing which store to visit for the products they need.

Of all the innovative, shopper-friendly tools that the retail industry has come up with, perhaps the most advanced and futuristic one available is the Quick Response (QR) code. QR codes allow buyers to scan an item’s code right from their mobile device and explore more information about that item, such as availability at nearby locations. The companies using this technique in their advertising campaigns include Brandsmart USA, J.C. Penney, Macy’s, Gap, Home Depot, and more, so shoppers can count on getting good use out of the app for shopping this season.

In addition to these mediums, Black Friday tablet sales are expected to draw in the ever-growing mobile internet consumer base. According to a National Retail Federation survey, 70% of tablet owners surveyed revealed that they intend on using the devices to purchase holiday gifts, which is a significantly higher figure than those reporting to make purchases from their smartphones. For this reason, shoppers can expect a more competitive shopping environment when using this particular medium.

In terms of social media marketing, businesses like Brandsmart USA and Wal-Mart will be using the popular websites Facebook and Twitter to inform loyal followers and fans about upcoming deals before they are revealed to other customers.

Some of the more notable Black Friday apps that shoppers should look out for this year include:

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