Take a Peek Inside Sony’s Home of the Future in This Virtual Tour

Sony's home of the future, called the Life Space UX, is all about screens. Screens projected everywhere. Interactive screens on the kitchen table. Screens in the shower. Even screens on the ceiling. Sony was giving tours of this concept home at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the Consumer Electronics Show, and we got a look. The highlight of the demo was the screen on the bedroom ceiling, with people on the tour letting out gasps of astonishment when the TV started playing above the bed. In this connected home, every surface can become a TV and every light bulb a sound system. Not all of the gadgets are ready for market, but Sony said they are coming within two years.


Speaker Lights

The lights in Sony's home are more than just bulbs. Symphonic technology turns them into a system that fills the room.


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Kids’ Space

Sony's projectors create interactive surfaces on everyday kitchen tables, where kids could draw using lights and their fingers. No mess. The projectors also are for adults to use in their home offices.


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Movies on the Ceiling

This in-bed ceiling projector wowed the crowd at CES.


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Home Videos

Portable projectors are not on the market yet, but they will eventually turn every wall in the home into a screen, capable of displaying home videos from your smartphone.


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Movies on the Wall

Sony's big TV projector costs about $50,000, but it casts an Ultra High Definition image on a 147-inch screen. It already is on the market.


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Virtual Fireplace

The portable projectors are good for setting the mood with digital fireplaces.


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