Take Panoramic Pictures On Android Phones With Pano

A feature not in the Android camera app is the ability to take panoramic photos. Pano is a new Android app that makes it very easy to take panoramic photos. You can buy it now from the Android Market for around $2.00 for a limited time.

Panoramic photos are created by stitching together multiple photos. Pano will stitch together up to 16 different photos, which is enough to be able to create 360 degree photos. As you can see in the screenshot, Pano’s UI is pretty simple. You can switch between portrait and landscape views, and tap the shutter button to take a photo.

After you take a picture you will see a semi-transparent guide where you need to align the next picture. You don’t need a perfect alignment, but it does need to be close enough for Pano to properly stitch them together and not show any duplicate items in the picture.

After you tap the finish button, Pano will process the pictures to create one panoramic photo that is saved to the Android Gallery. If you have Google+ running on your phone, the picture will then be automatically uploaded to your Picassa Web account, from where you can view, download, and share the photo.

Pano has been available for the iPhone for a few years, and has won several awards from different web sites. In my experience Pano is very much worth the current low price, and I find it to be a very worthy addition to my Nexus S.