Take on Euro 2012 in cars with Soccer Rally

Soccer Rally is a new game for iOS from two-man independent developer IceFlame. The title is available now as a paid Universal download from the App Store.

Soccer Rally is a simple one-on-one game loosely based on soccer and themed around the currently-running European championships. The game offers both single player and same-device multiplayer modes in which players compete to use their cars to score as many goals as possible.

Gameplay control is simple, with only three on-screen buttons to use — left and right turn, and an accelerator pedal. Players must attempt to bump the oversized soccer ball into their opponents goal as many times as possible before the match timer expires.

In single player mode, players have the option of either playing a single “quick match” against a computer-controlled opponent, or competing in a tournament structured similarly to the European championships. In both cases, players choose a country to represent, and their car is then painted with the relevant flag for easy visual distinction.

In multiplayer mode, two players sit on opposite sides of the device and then compete in a single match against one another. Whereas in the single player mode, players hold the device in landscape orientation, in multiplayer each participant has a portraitwise perspective on the action. This mode works well on both iPhone and iPad, though naturally the larger screen of the iPad makes it significantly easier to see what is going on.

Soccer Rally is well-presented, with smoothly-animating, detailed 3D graphics and a high-quality (if repetitive) backing soundtrack. It is a simple, easy to understand game that is particularly suited for those who want to play together with friends, though the lack of depth and any incentive for long-term play may see this fade into obscurity relatively quickly — particularly once the European championships are over.

There is considerable scope for the game to be improved over time and perhaps the implementation of further monetization — the nature of the game is such that the ability to unlock or purchase new cars, stadiums and ball designs would fit well within the existing structure, providing incentive for players to play more and additional income streams for the developers at the same time. Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards at the very least would doubtless also be welcomed by the player base, and online multiplayer is by far the most-requested addition in the App Store reviews at present.

Despite the relatively light amount of content and the lack of online play in the game so far, App Store reviewers have responded very positively to Soccer Rally since its launch. Many are seemingly keen to see regular updates to the title, however, so IceFlame will need to ensure that they listen to criticisms of the game and respond appropriately in order to ensure this game continues to enjoy some success even after Euro 2012 is over.

Soccer Rally is currently ranked at No. 286 in Top Paid iPad Apps, No. 307 in Top Paid Games and No. 128 in Top Paid iPad Games. In the UK store, meanwhile, the game is ranked at No. 108 in Top Paid iPad Apps, No. 174 in Top Paid Games, No. 50 in Top Paid iPad Games and No. 328 in Top Grossing iPad Games. Follow its progress with AppData, our tracking service for iOS and social games and developers.