Take Flight in Team Chaos’ Dragon Raiders on iOS

dragon raiders 650

Dragon Academy developer Team Chaos has announced the launch of its newest game on iOS: Dragon Raiders. The game’s title characters, the Dragon Raiders, are responsible for the safety of the people of Landslandia. An army of evil “Wobblins” is on the hunt for Dark Shards, which will be used to summon an even greater threat, so gamers will need to stop them before it happens.

The Dragon Raiders are a group of three characters, Melty, Pokey and Frosty. Players control these dragons in level-based gameplay, which sees users flying around obstacles while collecting experience points, runes and coins.

In each level, players swipe on the screen to move up, down, left or right to avoid obstacles, with coins and runes scattered along the path. These runes are colored, and introduce a multiplier element and power-ups to the game. That is, players are rewarded with bonus points for collecting multiple like-colored runes in a row, and special abilities come when filling the multiplier to the full 5x. Five purple runes, for instance, causes a dragon to receive a temporary burst of invincibility.

If players hit an obstacle, they can spend currency to keep going or retry the stage from the beginning. Obstacles also include flying sheep, which are launched at the dragons by Wobblins from the side of the flying path.

At the end of each level, the active dragon gains experience points, and will eventually evolve. Dragons can be customized with outfits, like Pokey’s wizard outfit or Frosty’s cowboy costume, among others. Gamers also unlock up to three stars for each stage, which each have different unlock stipulations. The first may be received for simply completing the level, while another may be unlocked when earning a certain number of points. The final star may ask gamers to collect a large number of a single color of rune, but these stipulations typically aren’t the same from one level from the next.

Dragon Raiders is available to download for $0.99 on iOS.