Take Backs

It looks like it might not be Richard Armitage after all. A day after rumors surfaced on Drudge that the former State Department official was the source of the Valerie Plame leak to Bob Woodward, Ben Bradlee denies saying that to the magazine although he admits knowing who Woodward’s source is.

“Bradlee, currently Post vice president at large, said he learned the source’s name from someone other than Woodward. Woodward said he did not reveal the source to his friend and former boss,” Jim VandeHei writes today. “‘He is not in the management loop on this,’ Woodward said. ‘Maybe he was alerted from somebody else, if he in fact did learn’ the source’s name.”

In an interview yesterday, Bradlee said he doesn’t recall telling Vanity Fair’s Marie Brenner about the source, and added “he has no interest in unmasking the official.”

“I don’t think I said it,” Bradlee said. “I know who his source is, and I don’t want to get into it. . . . I have not told a soul who it is.”

Of course, Arianna Huffington has bigger problems with the story: “It’s laughably biased. Brenner is a close friend of Miller — she co-hosted a dinner for her on July 4th before Miller headed to jail, visited her at the Alexandria Detention Center, partied with her after her release, and is longtime friends with Miller’s husband, who used to be Brenner’s editor. The article is nothing more than a massive attempt to rehab the disgraced reporter…. This isn’t journalism; it’s a Sag Harbor circle jerk.”

Conveniently, according to Vanity Fair, Brenner was traveling in India and was unavailable for comment.