Haven’t Tried Vine, But Want To Take A Peek? Check Out VinePeek

If you’ve yet to succumb to the six-second video time-suck phenomenon that is Vine, but you’re wondering what all the hubub is about, we have a great site for you to check out.

It streams new Vines as they’re posted, so you can peek away – and it’s called Vinepeek.

Vinepeek was made by PXi Ventures (they make stuff). The site shows you an endless progression of Vines as they’re posted in real time. Some have sound, some are silent, some are creative and most are uneventful – but you’ll be enthralled by it (for a few minutes at least). You won’t believe me until you click and realize you just lost three minutes on nothing.

So check it out and watch your life slip away six seconds at a time.

But be warned, for as PXi points out “this stream is coming straight from Vine and is unmoderated.” This means you might see something pornographic. In case you missed it, there have been a bunch of posts about Vine’s “porn problem” and Twitter’s resulting censorship of it. So just understand that this might not be safe for work

And another caution from the creators: Unlike lightning, sometimes Vines strike twice. Please be patient if you see a Vine more than once. If it seems to freeze, refresh the page.

Check it out and let us know how much time you waste being a quasi-voyeur.

(Peeking image from Shutterstock)