Take a Stroll Down Zombie Lane On This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

This week’s list of emerging Facebook games (defined by games that are still under 1 million monthly active users) is dominated by Digital Chocolate’s innovative Zombie Lane. This whimsical zombie-killing sim game just launched, and already has over 768,000 MAU. We noted last week that Zombie Lane is a fresh take that is polished and bug free. According to Appdata, our metrics service for tracking the top games on Facebook, Digital Chocolate are currently the 9th place Facebook game developer in terms of MAU with a total of 14 games.

NBA Legend comes in third place this week after a decent week of growth. NBA Legend has the advantage of being the officially branded NBA Facebook game. While it isn’t too innovative, that hasn’t stopped the game from growing to up to 929,000 MAU. If it continues gaining at this rate, NBA Legend will soon be over 1 million MAU as early as next week.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1. Zombie Lane768,592+539,481+235%
2. Okey Plus849,847+275,923+48%
3. NBA Legend: Official NBA Game929,075+253,270+37%
4. Dragon Age Legends621,206+238,516+62%
5. Treasure Land395,590+224,270+131%
6. Happy Kingdom580,277+195,128+51%
7. The Qpiz – L’amore è un gioco220,370+192,190+682%
8. 開心寶貝959,867+103,022+12%
9. 《千军破》华文版,最真实三国网游102,544+95,780+1,416%
10. Quiz Matic – Bilgi Yarışması400,160+94,327+31%
11. Horse Academy394,050+90,481+30%
12. แฮปปี้ฟาร์ม ๓433,009+90,371+26%
13. Bubble Speed784,389+86,264+12%
14. Texas HoldEm Poker – Deluxe606,409+76,212+14%
15. Pirates Saga983,197+74,881+8%
16. Trial Madness 2886,466+71,971+9%
17. CityZen444,747+67,663+18%
18. CROWDPARK – Betting Game149,021+65,836+79%
19. Townster652,190+59,338+10%
20. Buddy Rush328,315+58,871+22%

Trial Madness 2 is a lightweight arcade game by Social Point that was released in December. It follows the familiar Angry Birds style format of allowing players to advance through stages and levels, each ones getting progressively harder. The goal of Trial Madness is to get to the end of each level as fast as possible, with each level allowing replays to obtain the best score. The players maneuvers a motorized bike using the keyboard — jumping over obstacles, speeding up and braking, and trying not to wipe out. Socially, Trial Madness 2 does not have any new features that we haven’t seen yet. Players are prompted to share their successes and scores on their wall to brag, and tournaments allow people to compete for the highest score. Trial Madness 2 has been growing steadily in MAU, but its retention is very spotty and low.

Bubble Speed is a bubble popping arcade game that we’ve seen many times over in various incarnations. Players match colors of bubbles in an attempt to clear the board as quickly as possible before they run out of time. Scores are accumulated over time and placed on a weekly leaderboard to compare with online friends. Bubble Speed launched last November and was developed by GameDuell. It has fairly decent retention for a puzzle game, with 16% to 18% of its monthly active users logging in daily.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.