Take a Seat, There’s Even More Artek!


Remember the other day when we posted that interview with Tom Dixon about his collaboration with Artek? Well, we find that the mighty Ms. Rawsthorn, she of the International Herald Tribune, was thinking the same thing in her latest piece for the paper. Though she gets into the Dixon pairing for the Dover Street Market festival, her focus is primarily on Artek itself, the famous design firm. She gives you the whole rundown, including the history of the place and what’s made it stick around for so long. Here’s some:

That longevity has made Artek a Finnish institution, and [founder Alvar Aalto] a national treasure. He designed many of Finland’s most important 20th-century buildings, and was the only person, except the president, for whom Finnair delayed its flights. Aalto so enjoyed his grand entrances that if he arrived at Helsinki Airport on time, he’d ask his chauffeur to drive around for a while. He died in 1976, but most Finns still grow up sitting on his furniture.