‘Take a Deep Breath’

The Reliable Source digs up some information from yesterday’s double super secret luncheon speakers series at Nathan’s in Georgetown:

As Indictment Fever raged Inside the Beltway yesterday, the only person more nervous than Karl Rove or Scooter Libby was Time magazine White House correspondent Matt Cooper, a key player in the Plame Game who missed going to the slammer by this much. Cooper was the guest at Nathan’s restaurant’s weekly speaker series, where he cleverly tiptoed through questions about fallout from the CIA leak.

“It’s a good time to remember that rumors are not the same as indictments, and indictments are not the same as convictions,” he said. “So we should all just take a deep breath.”

So we took a deep breath and then pressed for double super-secret background details. But Cooper invoked his First Amendment right to shut up. “I’m like the blind man and the elephant. I know my little part, but that’s all.” He did share, however, who should play him in the movie version. “Clooney’s obvious. I get that all the time.”