Take A Closer Look At Windows Phone 7

I do believe that so far this week I have not written one post about Windows Phone 7. Well, that is going to change. Today I found on the MobilityDigest web site a video that Chris Pirillo did of Windows Phone 7. I think the video goes into more detail than previous videos we have seen, so I recommend watching it below.

YouTube video courtesy of chris.pirillo.com

The more that I see of Windows Phone 7, the more impressed I am. What really stands out to me while watching the video is just how responsive Windows Phone 7 is. All the interactions with the programs on the device appear to be very fast and very fluid, though it is pointed out several times that what we are seeing is a development build. Of course, most new mobile phones operate the fastest out of the box, so the key will be whether Windows Phone 7 will perform as well as you see in the video after a bunch of programs are installed on the device.