Taiwanese Man Wonders Why People Keep Tweeting Him About Pancakes

The person or persons responsible for creating the social-media component on the bottom of the back of the menu at Denny’s should have ordered more coffee with their Grand Slam breakfasts.

CNET reported that the restaurant chain’s menu directs customers to Twitter account @Dennys, which actually belongs to a man named Dennys Hsieh from Taiwan, although his last tweet was July 19.

The two Twitter accounts that actually belong to Denny’s are @DennysAllNightr and @DennysGrandSlam, CNET reported, adding that the company petitioned Twitter seeking the @Dennys account under a policy that states that IDs inactive for six months or more can be claimed by others.

Denny’s vice president of sales and field marketing Bill Ruby told CNET:

We are working with Twitter right now, and we will have that (account) shortly. It has gone inactive (and) we’ll have that back momentarily. It’s just a matter of having that worked out. (Twitter) essentially told us it’s our domain.