Tags, Quizzes and More on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

This week’s AppData list of fastest-gaining Facebook apps by daily active users helps to surface a few new apps, as well as show that older concepts still have traction. Here’s the top 20:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1.Original Windows Live Messenger9,572,993+457,539+5%
2.App_2_181606049889_436 Social Fun477,874+328,357+220%
3.App_2_142727279103775_7311 Hollywood City375,059+225,676+151%
4.App_2_157785064239480_3718 恐龍王國431,378+209,998+95%
5.App_2_120563477996213_5785 Ravenwood Fair423,210+207,078+96%
6.App_2_120956284629356_2299 Tag Friends184,934+179,919+3,588%
7.Original BandPage by RootMusic589,216+170,550+41%
8.App_2_333713683461_1100 Horoscopes2,545,257+168,790+7%
9.Original Pet Society2,221,119+157,005+8%
10.App_2_159048707462697_4831 Vegas City199,744+153,269+330%
11.App_2_147473548614850_4042 عيد على صحابك129,874+127,710+5,902%
12.Original Graffiti356,763+120,227+51%
13.App_2_125318280856717_8426 Island God148,867+119,806+412%
14.App_2_116318625062183_2941 SmileyCentral186,275+109,378+142%
15.App_2_172139486132642_1208 Tư vấn vui104,289+98,524+1,709%
16.App_2_127337483972992_1744 Facebook Live108,402+98,167+959%
17.App_2_119866041395334_6883 It Girl737,510+93,367+14%
18.Original Backyard Monsters739,846+89,619+14%
19.Original Millionaire City2,718,297+87,943+3%
20.Original Bubble Island1,069,382+86,319+9%

Following Windows Live Messenger, the growth of which seems to finally be slowing somewhat, Social Fun is the latest friend quiz, asking users question about their friends in Spanish. Most English-language friend quizzes have now been suspended or otherwise discouraged by Facebook, but we do regularly see foreign-language versions popping up.

Hollywood City is one of the latest games from Digital Chocolate, which holds no fewer than four spots on the list, including Vegas City, Island God and Millionaire City. With the exception of Island God, all are city-builders. Digital Chocolate itself is nearing four million DAU, a not-inconsiderable amount.

Graffiti is one we haven’t seen in a while, but the drawing app is a perennial favorite. About a month ago, it released a full-screen draw feature with Bing sponsorship, which significantly eases use of the app.

Finally, Tư vấn vui is worth pointing out, simply because it’s in Vietnamese. Although not official policy, Vietnam’s government has more or less blocked Facebook for months. But as we recently discussed here, Facebook is growing in Vietnam anyway, and has aspirations of eventually securing a permanent foothold. In the meantime, Vietnamese users seem eager to access the social network.