Tag Your Way To 1,000 Facebook Fans

This is Day 16 of the 30 Days to 3,000 Fans program. You can learn more about the program here.
-Digital SLR Icon-One of the best features of Facebook Pages is the ability to tag fans in photos. As soon as you tag somebody, their friends can see the photo that they’ve been tagged in. Additionally, those photos will link back to your Facebook Page. I’ve seen a number of people abuse photo tagging in order to get more traffic. While that’s a strategy that could possibly work in the short-run, over longer periods of time you’ll end up turning people away. It’s probably better to avoid most black-hat tactics as they can result in your Facebook account being banned and will frequently piss people off. Feel free to test the limits but just remember that we warned you!

Photos Are For Events

The best reason for using photos is for events. After you’ve hosted the event (as I recommend in this guide), you should tag people with all the photos from the event to spread awareness of your Facebook Page. I often hire a photographer just for this purpose. At my conferences I’ll even bring in two photographers just so I can tag all the people that were at the event in their photographs. One of the best things that will happen is people that were photographed will use the photos for their profile. The bottom line is take advantage of all events, including events that you attend to upload photos of people and tag them.

You Can Only Tag Friends

One of the worst aspects of photo tagging within Facebook Page photo albums is the inability to tag people that aren’t your friends. I honestly have no idea why the album functions this way and assume Facebook will eventually resolve this. My recommendation is to friend as many of the people at the event as possible. That way you’ll increase the likelihood that other people who visit the album will tag other people.

Create A Tagging Game

Have you ever been tagged in one of those Facebook photos with 15 other people and the tag location is a unique attribute about you? If not, I’ve included an example below. The basic concept is to tag other users in a fun image which ends up attributing a personal characteristic to each user that was tagged. It’s a really create way to build buzz and not annoy others. Don’t go over board with this model though. I’ve had numerous users tag me in irrelevant photos and I instantly untag myself from them. Check out the image below for an example of a smart tagging strategy from Real Drinks.

-Real Drinks Tag

Daily Task

Since you’ll need at least a small archive of photos to take advantage of this task, you might want to consider spending more time planning your event. If you do have an archive of photos from previous events you can spend some time uploading photos and tagging your friends that are in the photos. You can also brainstorm some ideas for creative tagging images like the one pictured above.