Taffy Brodesser-Akner Makes a Splash With GQ Feature Debut

As noted in our Revolving Door column, hard-working former Mediabistro staffer Taffy Brodesser-Akner (2001-2007), who was always a writer and in fact came up with the name “Revolving Door,” recently pulled off a remarkable coup. In the same, single week, she was named a contributing writer at both GQ and The New York Times Magazine.

The piece that sparked her GQ contract has now arrived and it’s getting a lot of attention for one particular aspect. During the reporter’s conversation at Barclays Center with Nicki Minaj, her interview subject was desperately fighting off fatigue:

To be completely accurate, she never fell into actual REM sleep during our interview, but at four separate times she dozed off, her head jerking awake at just the moment it had started to dip. In between, she was what I could call low-key and reserved, because I am generous, but the picture looked like this: those eyelids, falling, falling over eyes that would cross momentarily, closing for a moment but staying too long—a blink that lasted a few blinks longer than a blink.

But also, to be completely fair, I’m not sure how she was upright at all. This was the middle of New York Fashion Week, and if you followed her Instagram, every few hours it was a new event with a new dress, new hair, new makeup. It was parties all night, all the air-kissing, all the red carpets.

Brodesser-Akner previously wrote some shorter items for GQ’s Comedy issues, most notably this May 2013 joint conversation with Weird Al Yankovic and Lonely Island. Per one of Weird Al’s most recent genius riffs, something tells us Brodesser-Akner has no trouble differentiating irony and coincidence.

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Photo credit: Mark Seliger