Tactile Entertainment announces endless runner Skyline Skaters for iOS


Danish mobile game developer Tactile Entertainment has announced the upcoming release of Skyline Skaters on iOS. The skateboard-themed endless runner will see players jumping from building to building while collecting coins and power-ups, all while avoiding obstacles and a chasing police helicopter.

Tactile Entertainment is no stranger to the endless runner genre, as its Chasing Yello has been downloaded over 20 million times worldwide. In Skyline Skaters, players choose to play as one of four different characters, each with their own special ability. For instance, one character can triple jump, while another earns a bonus while “grinding.”

As players collect coins, they’ll be able to unlock 25 upgradeable skateboards, which also alter gameplay with score or coin collection boosts, as examples. In addition, Skyline Skaters is set to include a day and night cycle related to real-world time, and players will be rewarded with additional prizes related to the number of friends they have playing the game.

“We wanted to create a different kind of endless runner that has special appeal for a slightly different audience”, said Asbjoern Malte Soendergaard, CEO of Tactile Entertainment. “Skyline Skaters is an edgy game infused with just enough heart-pounding action to keep players on their toes, on their skateboards and away from the cops!”

Skyline Skaters is set to launch on iOS for free on March 27. Check back soon for more, and to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.