TabTale hits 300M downloads, 25M MAU


Israeli publisher TabTale announced today some astonishing numbers, as their games and educational apps have not only hit the 300M download mark worldwide, but the company also boasts 25M monthly active users. What makes the numbers so staggering is the fact that back in December 2012, TabTale had only 20M downloads across all of its apps, so today’s announcement marks a 1,500% rise, while also boosting the company into the Top 10 of global publishing giants in terms of download volume.

When asked about what he attributes to his company’s growth, Sagi Schliesser, TabTale’s co-founder and CEO simply said: “In a lot of cases, it boils down to consistency, ambition, and a lot of luck. We had the vision in the beginning that allowed us to be successful, and after building a great team, we rose our initial success to build a community, and this led to more and more people downloading our titles.”

TabTale’s games really started to takeoff when they started releasing games in the “baby” genre, like Baby Care & Dress Up, Babies & Puppies, Baby Arts & Crafts, and Baby Doctor. So while adults might not know the brand, good money can be bet that you know a child who has the company’s games loaded on their tablet.

“The baby games found much more success than the games we had released before,” says Schliesser. “Everybody understood that there was something good about the character, the audience liked it, so we leveraged our platform in such a way that we made a monthly release, making our dreams of fast releases a reality.”

TabTale hopes to find similar success in its new venture for 2014 with their Crazy Labs publishing brand, as it aims new titles toward the teenage market like Disky, a game Schliesser describes as a mix between Tron and Air Hockey.

These are games Schliesser sees as instrumental as TabTale continues to climb its way up the charts in hopes of reaching their internal goal for 2014.

Says Schliesser: “Our goal for the end of 2014 is to reach 500 million … half a billion downloads.

“We used to release 6 titles a month, we’ve now moved to 10 titles a month, and by the end of 2014 we’ll reach between 16-18 titles per month, each targeting different groups, from casual games for kids to casual games for the general population.”