Tabs, Windows, Shufflr, Phrases, Identified, more on this week’s top 20 emerging Facebook apps by MAU

Tabs, tabs, tabs dominated our list of emerging Facebook apps by monthly active users this week. A variety of page tab apps made up most of the list, then there were games, Shufflr, Phrases and Identified integrations. The apps grew from between 150,000 and 540,000 MAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook. We define emerging applications as those that ended with between 100,000 and 1 million MAU in the past week.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  Static HTML… [Seventh Tab]850,000+540,000+ 174%
2.  Static HTML… [Twelfth Tab]680,000+540,000+ 386%
3.  Static HTML… [Eleventh Tab]650,000+520,000+ 400%
4.  Static HTML… [Tenth Tab]640,000+490,000+ 327%
5.  Windows Live Mail338,873+338,873N/A
6.  Monster Fusion490,000+320,000+ 188%
7.  Tab Builder: Gift350,000+310,000+ 775%
8.  Woobox Custom Tab | Arrow #2520,000+310,000+ 148%
9.  Polls293,369+293,369N/A
10.  Static HTML… [Eighth Tab]510,000+280,000+ 122%
11.  Shufflr800,000+230,000+ 40%
12.  Woobox Custom Tab | Arrow #4290,000+230,000+ 383%
13.  Candy Dash990,000+210,000+ 27%
14.  Static HTML… [Sixth Tab]640,000+210,000+ 49%
15.  Playboy’s Barmate Tab320,000+200,000+ 167%
16.  Lucky Cruise310,000+180,000+ 138%
17.  Phrases new800,000+160,000+ 25%
18.  RISK: Factions780,000+160,000+ 26%
19.  Woobox Custom Tab | Arrow #5370,000+160,000+ 76%
20.  Identified700,000+150,000+ 27%

Static HTML… [Seventh Tab] grew by 540,000 MAU and several other page tab apps made the list, down to Polls with 293,400 MAU and then Woobox Custom Tab | Arrow #5 160,000 MAU.

Other apps that made the list included Windows Live Mail with 338,900 MAU, daily video post Shufflr with 230,000 MAU, Phrases new (not available in the U.S.) with 160,000 MAU and Identified with 150,000 MAU. Then there were games: Monster Fusion grew the most with 320,000 MAU, Candy Dash with 210,000 MAU, Lucky Cruise with 180,000 MAU and RISK: Factions with 160,000 MAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned next week for our look at the top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.