Tabloid Baby Says Dateline Took the Worst of Tabloid TV

Tabloid tv is too important to be left to amateurs, as in the case of NBC Dateline’s To Catch A Predator fiasco. Tabloid Baby, who knows whereof he speaks, says:

There’s always the pain-in-the-ass producer who thinks ethics is something other than a county outside London and points out all the horrible lapses in morality and judgment the show thrives on.

In the case of Dateline, which is bad tabloid television, meaning tabloid television done by people who are schooled and indoctrinated in the constipated world of elitist network news and take all the wrong surface traits of tabloid, make it all look and sound respectable while presenting really shady product, the producer has a point.

And there’s been no worse offender from the very
beginning than Dateline, which co-opted tabloid television in the 90’s but doesn’t get it.

The fact that they actually get people arrested for committing crimes that exist only in their minds, humiliate them and use it for strictly entertainment purposes– Dateline is only entertainment, just as Brian Williams is a newsreader who’s been playing dress-up anchorman in daddy’s Burberry coat and bespoke suits since he was in college, make no mistake– and work with vigilante groups to get people imprisoned– is as shameful as the alleged acts in the minds of the perverts they exploit.

Tabloid Baby

Some of us at FBLA have done our share of staking out interview subjects, chasing them down the courthouse steps, and into camera range. But we’re honest about it–it was fun.