Tablets Aren’t Having the Affect You Might Expect

Nielsen released some rather interesting data yesterday.

the polling company had conducted surveys this spring on how and why Americans use tablets. Not all the results were released, but Nielsen did post a couple graphs. I clipped part of one and embedded it at right.

If you look at the chart, you’ll see that the devices most affected by tablets are desktop and laptop computers. if you click through you can see the full chart, and it will show that mobile devices are among the least affected. That runs against my expectations, but I think I understand why this happened.

These numbers could suggest that netbook and tablet owners are less likely to buy a tablet than the owner of a laptop or PC. Or this could mean that it’s not changing their behavior a much; they have something that works so they stick with it. The numbers also suggest that people aren’t switching from a mobile device to a tablet; it looks like most had not had a mobile device before.

What do you think?


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