Tablets Are Shaping Up To Be A Hit This Holiday


This fall is gearing up to be the season of the tablet. While the iPad still dominates the market, a number of competitors are coming out to offer lower priced alternatives and upgraded features. This holiday season shoppers will have a lot to choose from when it comes to tablets.

Borders is already preselling the Velocity Cruz Tablet for $299. The new Cruz tablet comes with a 7-inch color screen and 512 MB of RAM and weighs one pound. It also supports a multimedia experience, so that users can also watch videos, listen to music and browse the Internet. The tablets ship October 15th.

Then Samsung has its new Galaxy Tablet, which debuted at the IFA trade show in Berlin last week. The new Android-based tablet has a 7-inch color touch screen and includes multimedia applications. Users can use the device to read, watch videos, listen to music, browse the Internet and send SMS messages. Samsung hasn’t said yet when it is coming out or how much it will cost, but there are rumors that it is going to be 799 Euro. That seems way too high to compete in this marketplace, so let’s hope that Samsung has a more competitive price point up their sleeve.

Asustek is also gearing up to release its long awaited Eee Tablet, possibly in October. The Eee Tablet has an 8 -inch LCD display, with a 1024 by 768 resolution and functions as a multimedia player. There is talk online that the tablet will be priced around $300. Asustek has another tablet called the Eee Pad coming in March as well.

There are also rumors that Apple might be working on a smaller iPad. It already looks like it is going to be an interesting fall for tablets.