Tablets and Kindles and Books, Oh My!

Nick Bilton at The New York Times posted a nice little piece yesterday on the Bits blog comparing the size and feel of a 10″ tablet (like Apple’s) to both the Amazon Kindle and to a plain old hardcover book. There’s nothing revolutionary here, but it’s fun to compare this newfangled device to those old things. And notable, too, that even the Paper of Record is thinking of the Apple tablet in terms of books, rather than all the other media this device is supposed to handle.

The above photo (copyright The New York Times) shows the Kindle and a 10″ HP slate computer Bilton found “under my desk” (that sure beats dust bunnies). Bilton notes that they’re not actually that different in size, but, of course, the tablet is all screen.

If you click over to the article, you’ll see the tablet also pictured in front of a hardcover book. Oddly, the book looks massive and strikingly un-aerodynamic. What’s happened to us that a book looks weird? But it looks kinda cozy too, like a fireplace compared to a fluorescent light.