Tablet Owners Spend 48% More Time Online Every Day

According to new research from Knowledge Networks, 18-64 year-old consumers who own tablets spend 4 hours, 19 minutes online every day, which is 48% more time than consumers aged 18-64 who don’t own tablets. (These folks spend 2 hours 55 minutes online every day).

The research also found that tablet owners spend 55 minutes a day online using their tablets, 24 minutes of which are spent using social networking sites, gaming and searching. In addition, the research found that mobile devices including smartphones and tablets, account for 38% of tablet owners’ online use (compared to 14% for the general 18-to-64 population). Interestingly mobile Internet time is up for the overall 18-to-64 population, not just tablet owners. In fact, it has tripled in the last year from 7 minutes in 2010 to 25 minutes in 2011.

Not surprisingly, tablet owners tend to be early adopters across technologies. The study found that 92% of tablet owners also have a smartphone, and that these consumers are 40% more likely to have a DVR than the general population. (Via MediaPost.)