Tablet Owners Spending More Time on TV and Phones, But Less Time on PCs

Some new numbers from Nielsen show that owning a tablet is reducing the amount of time that people spend on their PCs, Ina Fried reports for All Things Digital.

According to the study, roughly a third of laptop and desktop users report using their PC less or even not at all since getting a tablet. Also, 77 percent of tablet owners say they are using their slates for things that they used to do on a PC

Conversely, according to the same study, a significant number of users say they are spending more time on their Internet-connected TVs and smartphones. So the tablet isn’t making all other technology obsolete, it’s just that PCs are the big losers so far. We’ll see how long it takes before tablets start swallowing up everything else around them.

And what kind of tablets are they using? The iPad still dominates, with about 82 percent of tablet owners using iPads. The Samsung Galaxy Tab comes in a distant second at 4 percent. Apple owns us all, pretty much.