Tablet Market Projected to Grow in Coming Years

The market research firm IHS iSuppli has released some predictions for the tablet market, and well, the iPad is going to do great this year. Android tablets – not so much.

Apple is projected to sell around 44 million iPads this year, and that’s out of a total market of around 60 million. Apple is expected to maintain dominance in the market until some time in 2013, when competing tablets finally catch up  in terms of market share. 2013 is also the year that tablet sales will hit 200 million units, wordwide.

What’s most interesting about these figures today is that IHS recently revised them to reflect Apple having less competition than expected. The death of the TouchPad and the general marginal success of Android tablets led IHS to conclude that iPad will continue to crush its weaker tablet kin. The iPad is now expected to still have a 43% market share in 2015.