Brooklyn Magazine Spotlights the Concept of ‘Duende’

TableTalkLogoEsoteric doesn’t even begin to describe Table Talk, a print magazine launched last week at The Schoolhouse in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood.

The magazine’s 21-year-old publisher, Benjamin Moe, is the son of two Columbia University language professors; one of the contributors to the first issue, Jazra Khaleed, is a Chechen poet who writes in Greek; and as a whole, Table Talk is aiming to wedge into the vacant space between faculty and student publications to popularize the concept of “duende.” From Guardian U.S. weekend editor Martin Pengelly’s report:

As the first issue of Moe’s magazine points out, duende does not just mean, in the words of the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, “the mysterious power everyone feels but no philosopher explains” when confronted by great art or performance.

A duende is also a mischievous spirit. As the Boston University professor Christopher Maurer explains, such spirits played enduring havoc with the manuscripts of the man who defined duende for the modern world.

Table Talk was a front-page highlighted project on Kickstarter, which helped Moe reach his $6,500 crowd-funding goal. Issue number two of this bi-annual enterprise is scheduled for the fall.