TabCo Launches The Grid 10 Tablet, Grid Shop

There is a new tablet, phone and app store on the market today. A company called Fusion Garage/TabCo introduced the Grid 10 tablet, the Grid 4 phone and its new Grid Shop in a presentation today.

The Grid 10 is a 10-inch tablet with a 1366 x 769 resolution screen that is available for presale today through and Amazon. The Wi-Fi edition retails for $499 and the WiFi/3G version retails for $599, and will ship 9/15. The Grid Shop, a new Fusion Garage-specific shop, will soon be accepting applications for apps.

The Grid tablet will run the Grid operating system, which the company calls a “Chromeless browsing experience.” Pitching itself as the new alternative to the Android, the company head Chandra Rathakrishnan admitted in a live streamed announcement event today that he doesn’t think that Android is very popular. “I think Android is selling well because it is the only alternative to Apple,” he said, admitting that, “Apple will continue to control the market. We aren’t crazy enough to think we can outsell Apple.”

Still while the company is trying to be modest, Rathakrishnan did boast that there will be no rules for in-app purchasing in the Grid Shop just before flashing the Amazon app on the screen of his presentation.

TabCo is actually a new launch of a former company. Engadget has more: “TabCo finally revealed itself to the world — as suspected, the brand is, in fact a reboot of Fusion Garage, the company that gave the world the much maligned JooJoo tablet.”