T-Shirts for the Design Snob…err, Enthusiast

T-Shirts for the Design Snob...err, Enthusiast

Paging through Print Magazine (hmm, are we sensing a theme here?) I came across an item about 2K by Gingham a purveyor of some very fine t-shirt designs.

The site navigation is a little wacky, but the shirts, and the information about the makers of the images on said shirts is great. Once you choose an artist/designer name from the left navigation, you’re taken to a page that has a one paragraph bio on the maker, alongside a sample t-shirt from their group. Click on the t-shirt and you’re taken to a page that shows all the shirts available from that particular designer.

The people who run this Japanese company love t-shirts and design. Their About Us link contains an interesting manifesto of somewhat dubious English translation. The selection of designs ranges from artists’ whose work has a graphic sensibility (think Warhol, Basquiat) to design shops like London-based Build. Even Bjork has a few designs. (Yes, there’s a swan design.)

The design pictured comes from Jean-Paul Basquiat.