T-Mobile Voice Plus Beta Has Started

Back in February we first learned about T-Mobile’s plans to beta test a new service called Voice Plus, and today the AndroidGuys web site is reporting the beta has started. The beta currently only involves T-Mobile G1 owners, and provides the ability to divert calls to voicemail, defer calls by sending the caller a text message saying that you are busy and when they can call you back, visual voicemail to manage your voicemail messages, and city id, which adds the city and state to the caller id information.

If you are interested in participating in the beta, be aware that installation of the software requires wiping the G1 so all data and applications you have on your phone will be lost. From the posts on T-Mobile’s forum, several people are actively working with the beta. T-Mobile says they targeted the G1 for the beta testing because they found G1 users to be the most willing to do this type of testing. I expect that once the testing finishes the features will be incorporated in new Android phones from T-Mobile.