T-Mobile USA Says Categorically: No Hack or Breach of Security

Here’s T-Mobile USA’s follow-up email to me regarding the alleged server hack that I and a bunch of other people have been writing about for the past few days:

Following a recent online posting that someone allegedly accessed T-Mobile servers, the company is conducting a thorough investigation and at this time has found no evidence that customer information, or other company information, has been compromised. Reports to the contrary are inaccurate and should be corrected. T-Mobile continues to monitor this situation and as a precaution has taken additional measures to further ensure our customers’ information and our systems are protected. As is our standard practice, customers can be assured if there is any evidence that customer or system information has been compromised, we would inform those affected as quickly as possible.

Bottom line:
– No hack or breach of security.
– Information in the document that was somehow obtained, is legitimate T-Mobile info, but it is not customer information
– Investigation continues into how the document was obtained.

At this point, I’m accepting this statement. Let’s hope they are correct in their assessment of the situation.