T-Mobile U.K. Ad in Bad Taste?


We’re not quite sure how to tackle this one, so we’re just going to put it out there. MediaPost reports that T-Mobile’s recent U.K. ad may be, um, testing the bounds of good taste:

“In ‘More minutes for 30 pounds,’ a veterinarian wearing a long yellow glove apparently puts his arm up a cow’s rear end, searching for a better deal than most mobile companies offer.”

The report said that the campaign, which was created by ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, takes a different approach than their ad running in the U.S.—we’ll say!—though both “focus on consumers finding more minutes to talk to their hearts’ content.”

Amy Shea, EVP at marketing research firm Brand Keys, said in the report that most U.S. consumers would accept the UK ad, mainly because cows are not considered pets. “For most of us, they are food, and we won’t respond the same to a bovine with a sardonic look as we do to Fluffy or Rex in any sort of distress,” she said in the article. “There also is a rather large contingent that likes humor. This certainly fits, or should I say the glove fits.”

If you REALLY want to see the video, click Continued… and don’t say we didn’t warn you.