T-Mobile Really Afraid of G1 (Android) Data Use: Tethering Not Allowed!

I was one those people who pre-ordered a T-Mobile G1 (Google Android) phone last year. I ended up returning it with T-Mobile’s 14-day full-refund return period for a bunch of reasons. But, the main reason had nothing to do with the G1 itself. I had a problem with the G1’s unique wireless data plan.
The plan I had for my Windows Mobile smartphone (and had restored after returning the G1) provided unlimited access to T-Mobile’s WiFi Hotspots for any WiFi device I used including notebooks and netbooks. The data plan for the G1 only allows WiFi Hotspot access for the G1 itself. The data plan for my T-Mobile Windows Mobile phone also permits tethering. In fact, my T-Mobile Dash comes pre-installed with a utility to let me use the Dash’s EDGE data service either via a USB or Bluetooth connection from a notebook/netbook.
Well, guess what else G1 owners can’t do according to this item from AndroidCommunity.com?…
Android tethering apps pulled from Market
Yep, apparently tethering a notebook/netbook to a G1 is a no-no too.