T-Mobile partners with Zynga, brings games widget to customers

In an effort to bring new and exclusive gaming and social features to T-Mobile customers, the telecom company has partnered with Zynga to create a widget that links to Zynga games available for T-Mobile customers starting today.

The Zynga Games widget is said to make it easier for customers to find games and friends to play with. The widget features three different tabs. The first tab is a catalog of Zynga games compatible with the widget. Second is the profile tab that shows games the user has played and other friends playing the same games. Lastly, a mashup of the games and profile tabs that displays what friends are playing and the multiple games that they are playing. From there, users can challenge friends in any of those Zynga games.

The widget is pre-loaded on the LG Optimus L9, which launches this Wednesday, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which launched on Oct. 24. The widget is also available to all T-Mobile customers through T-Mobile’s Bonus Apps Program, which is a widget where the company can virtually pre-load apps to a phone that come from Google Play or apps hosted on its own servers.

T-Mobile has previously partnered with game developer Rovio when the telecom company added the ability to purchase the “Mighty Eagle” (a gameplay mechanic that initiates a Mighty Eagle coming in to help users stuck on a particular level) for $1 in Angry Birds. It was the first time carrier billing had been implemented into a Rovio game. T-Mobile also partnered with game network WildTangent to bring a game rental service to T-Mobile customers.

The Zynga games featured in the widget include Dream Zoo, Zombie Smash, Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, Zynga Poker and Scramble with Friends.

T-Mobile has also partnered with video game giant Electronic Arts and gaming accessory manufacturer PowerA. With EA, T-Mobile is bringing Need for Speed Most Wanted to its customers the same day as the console release tomorrow. The game will be pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Optimus L9, which features four free exclusive events for T-Mobile customers. With PowerA, T-Mobile will be selling the Moga game controller online and in-store.

Our review of the Moga can be found here.