T-Mobile Launches Small 3G Corridor in My Home Town – AT&T 3G Makes is Appearance Too!


I was thrilled to see @TMobile_USA tweet this past Friday morning that 3G was available in my area. However, looking at my Touch Pro2, I only saw the familiar “E” status icon indicating a slower EDGE connection. Standing in a downtown office building, I found that I needed to be within (roughly) 3 feet of a window to get a 3G connection. Standing outside on the ground T-Mobile’s 3G connection seemed strong. In fact, my unscientific eyeball measurement seemed to indicate that the TP2 was rending mobile-friendly web pages like m.cnn.com faster than the iPhone 3G (which also had a 3G connection).

Alas, T-Mobile’s 3G signal here seems very spotty. I don’t have any 3G in the area around my home (indoors and outdoors). And, it didn’t show up at my parents’ home about 30 miles away. There seems to be a narrow corridor of 3G signal about 15 miles long here. Fingers crossed that this 3G area grows quickly.

I noticed another interesting 3G item at my home on Friday: After months (since November 2008) of my iPhone displaying “No Service” when in my home, I noticed a weak set of voice bars as well as 3G in the status area of my iPhone 3G (see screenshot above). This, of course, is extremely welcome news. Now, if only AT&T would provide a reasonbly priced iPhone tethering plan for 3G data.