T-Mobile in Texting Class Action Lawsuit

T-Mobile USA has been hit with a class action suit over alleged charges for text messages received by consumers who do not want the feature, RCR Wireless News reports.

The problem stems from the fact that customers are charged for both sending and receiving messages–even if the customer doesn’t want them. Think about it: all those mobile text ad campaigns we’ve covered cost customers money if they haven’t signed up for some kind of unlimited texting plan.

“T-Mobile refuses to disable the texting messaging feature on its customers’ accounts, even when the customer has no interest in sending, or, more importantly, receiving text messages,” stated plaintiffs representing customer Maria Detwiler and others. “Moreover, T-Mobile requires each of its customers who have not subscribed to one of T-Mobile’s Messaging Value Bundles to pay for each and every unsolicited text message they receive.”

Class action nails T-Mobile USA over texting services [RCR Wireless News]