T-Mobile Customers Who Bought a Nexus One for $379 Getting a $100 Refund

Do you remember way back in late summer 2007 when the first generation iPhone’s price dropped from $599 to $399? True-blue Apple fans who bought the $599 iPhone on launch day raised a fuss. Finally Steve Jobs himself chimed in and offered a $100 store credit to people who bought the iPhone for $599. There was a lot of fuss last summer when the iPhone 3GS was released and many iPhone 3G owners (including your truly) were not able to upgrade for a subsidized price. Once again annoyed iPhone owners raised a fuss (I got over it). I seem to recall that the period of ownership to qualify for a discount was reduced (I didn’t qualify).

This month we saw a bit of a fuss raised about Nexus One pricing. Customers new to T-Mobile can buy a Nexus One for $179 with a plan activation. The Nexus One is also available unlocked and without any service contract ties for $529 (that’s the path I chose). Existing T-Mobile customers were able to buy a Nexus One for $379 at launch. And fuss was raised about that. They didn’t get much sympathy for me since I paid $349 for the HTC Touch Pro2 last summer. And, that was the “discounted” price for renewing my T-Mobile service contract for another two years.

However, unlike me, T-Mobile customers who bought a Nexus One while staying on their plan are getting a break…

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They apparently are getting a $100 refund. Good for them!

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