T-Mobile Continuing the Tradition: From Pocket PC Phone Edition to Windows Phone 7

T-Mobile USA was the first mobile carrier to sell a Windows CE based phone in the U.S. a decade ago. The Pocket PC Phone Edition was the first touch screen phone I had seen and was quite the wonder-device of its time. Quite frankly, it changed the way I thought about phones and forever spoiled me. I could never look at feature phones the same way again after using it for just a few days. After hearing that CDMA carriers (Sprint and Verizon) would not be part of the Window Phone 7 launch, I wondered if AT&T would be the only U.S. launch partner. However, T-Mobile will once again participate in a Microsoft phone launch.

Confirmed: Windows Phone 7 launches October 11th in New York City, and T-Mobile’s on board (Engadget)

Microsoft’s October 11 launch event agenda includes this item:

3:30 – 4:30 – T-Mobile reps will be present for device showing and their service offering discussion / Microsoft developer architect will demonstrate Windows Phone 7 applications