T-Mobile CEO Totally Planned to Get Kicked Out of That AT&T Party

l_d5gZnoToday in More Execs Behaving Badly news, T-Mobile CEO John Legere got all cute last night by attending a Consumer Electronics Show party for competitor AT&T armed with his hot pink company shirt and proceeded to get himself removed from the premises. Party foul, bro!

After spoiling the scene, Legere took the opportunity to tell a Re/code reporter who just happened to be in attendance that he “could have cut prices quite a bit with all the money AT&T spent” on the party.

He also called the venue’s security guards “gigantic goons” and claimed that he only showed up to hear Macklemore (because he may well resemble a 15-year-old girl in a certain light).

In case you didn’t think this was an intentional stunt, check out Legere’s Twitter feed, in which he shares sentiments like this one:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a badass. His story is so cool, it made us want to throw our phone away. And we use Verizon!