T-Mobile Bobsled for Android, iOS and PCs/Macs Lets You Make Facebook Voice Calls & Leave Messages

T-Mobile launched a service this week that lets Facebook users make voice calls to other Facebook users or conventional telephones. Calls from Facebook to other users or telephones in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico are free. Voice messages can be left as Facebook status updates on a friend’s page. You can see what this status update looks like in the screenshot to the left. I left the voice message using the Bobsled app on an iPad.

Bobsled by T-Mobile: Providing Free, One-Touch Calling Within Facebook

The service, powered by Vivox, can be used from iOS and Android devices as well as desktop computers.. Both apps are free and can be found linked below.

Bobsled (iTunes App Store)

Bobsled (Android Market)

The desktop app can make calls to conventional landline or mobile phones. However, the the mobile apps appear to be limited to making calls to Facebook users. The voice quality based on the tests I made (calling myself and leaving a voice message for a friend) sounded very good.

The service does not include video chat capabilities. However, T-Mobile states that: n the near future, T-Mobile plans to evolve Bobsled by T-Mobile to include video chat, the ability to place VoIP calls to mobile and landline U.S. numbers, and will offer applications on smartphones and tablets across various mobile platforms, regardless of the carrier that powers such devices.