T-Mobile Assigns G1 (Android ) Data Plan to New Dash 3G (Windows Mobile)


I’m pretty certain I’m going to wait until August for the HTC Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile phone (with physical QWERTY keyboard) to show up in T-Mobile USA stores. But, I have to say that I was tempted to go and buy a…

T-Mobile Dash 3G

…yesterday. The older 2G (EDGE network) T-Mobile Dash served me well for well over a year before I decided it wasn’t worth replacing its battery every 8 months or so. However, I’m convinced that my mobile smartphone needs are better met by a more powerful Professional Edition (touch screen) device like the Touch Pro2.

BTW: I noticed something amusing about the apparently unfinished T-Mobile Dash 3G product page that some of you may find amusing. If you look at the Dash 3G’s “Services” description (see above) and then focus in on the “Required services” section of that page (see below)…


You might note like I did that this entire section repeatedly discusses the Android-powered T-Mobile G1. In fact, “G1” shows up five times in this section of the page for the Dash 3G. I guess a “G” by any name smells as sweet.