T-Mobile Announced HSPA+ 4G Network Rollout in my Home Town. But, I Can't Find it Yet

I woke up yesterday morning knowing that my home town joined T-Mobile’s list of cities serviced by their higher speed HSPA+ 4G network.

T-Mobile HSPA+ Network Now Delivers Broadest Reach of 4G Speeds in U.S.

My understanding was that the Nexus One I use as my primary voice phone was theoretically capable of getting bursts of up to 7Mbps download speeds on the HSPA+ network. So, I walked around downtown a bit running speed tests on my phone. Unfortunately, I never saw anything faster than 1.4Mbps. This is reasonably normal 3G top speed for this area. In fact, I noticed that my Nexus One dropped down to the much slower EDGE network speeds in places where 3G is usually available.

T-Mobile’s 3G rollout here in 2009 was a slow process. 3G coverage was extremely spotty for several months. You literally had to stand in the right spot to get a 3G indicator on your phone during this period. Perhaps this HSPA+ rollout will be similarly slow and spotty. I’ll keep checking over the next couple of months and report back if I ever see evidence of anything that looks like HSPA+ speeds.